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Smooth Driving Music — Deep Bass — Downtempo Car Mix Onlayn tomosha qilish va yuklab olish

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How can listening to music affect driving behavior?
Scientists recently demonstrated that songs with certain BPM (beats per minute) levels influence drivers to engage in more risky behaviors while behind the wheel. This means that listening to certain types of music could actually increase the risk of car accidents.
Researchers concluded that more intense, fast rhythms can increase excitement levels, causing drivers to adjust the car’s speed to match the tempo of the music or drive more aggressively. On the other hand, slower songs could cause a person to relax too much and lose alertness. Thus, the ideal tempo for driving music should reflect the beat of a human heart at rest–between 60-80 beats per minute.
Hip-hop was especially dangerous for women who ended up driving more aggressively; heavy metal caused men to accelerate the most, and dance music affected women similarly. Classical music caused both genders to drive most erratically.
Wondering which type is “safe?” We’ve come to the conclusion that Downtempo might be a good choice.
Drifting mood, slow tempo and full, booming, powerful bass carried with the chill, groovy beats suit perfectly to a concentrating and secure, smooth, soft driving to work, countryside, or just heading nowhere enjoying time with yourself.
Be safe on the road and drive wisely.

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Genre: Downtempo, Electronic music
Style: Beats, Chillout, Downtempo
Mood: Smooth, Calm, Soothing
Duration: One Hour
Feature: Without Lyrics

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🎧 Tracklist
► 00:00 Faodail & Liam Thomas - Be Still
► 04:07 Azaleh - Forever In My Heart
► 08:03 AK - Our Destination
► 11:17 Athene - Deceiver
► 15:51 Detz - On My Way
► 21:05 AK - New Age
► 24:47 Cyprinid - Closer
► 28:36 Moonkay - Kyry
► 31:56 Sector5, Creepa & Subsets - Flight
► 35:38 Hydrecta - Memories
► 40:03 Synthetic Epiphany - Haven
► 44:11 Bayble - Sundown
► 48:40 Owsey - Alone In The Traffic Of This World
► 52:50 Victoriya - Lost
► 57:04 Skyvoice - Can't Stay
► 1:01:40 Subsets - Alpine
► 1:07:16 Bitykradne - Mellow
► 1:10:11 Aigio Vono - Lonesome
► 1:16:47 Victoriya - Overflow
► 1:22:04 Grandyzer - Touch
► 1:27:51 Nomyn - Aurora

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