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سریال ترکی تاوان با دوبلۀ فارسی - قسمت ۴۳ - پرومو | Redemption Turkish Serial - EP43 - Promo Mytub Onlayn

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سریال جدید ترکی تـــــــــــــــاوان با دوبلۀ فارسی - قسمت ۴۳ - پرومو
شنبه ساعت ۸ به وقت تهران بیننده باشید

Redemption Turkish Serial - Episode 43 - Promo
Saturday at 8PM (Tehran Time)

منتظر نشر این سریال جذاب از چینل ما در شب های شنبه، دو شنبه و سه شنبه ساعت ۸ شب به وقت تهران باشید و فراموش نکنید
حتمن خانواده و دوستانتان را به تماشای این سریال دعوت نمایید!
لینک تمامی قسمت ها:

Redemption | Kefaret
Zeynep’s seemingly happy life with her husband Ahmet and two children is torn apart when their infant daughter Elif is kidnapped during a stop at a gas station.
Over the following years, she focuses her energy on finding Elif, and her marriage collapses on discovering Ahmet’s affair with her best friend and neighbor Meltem. Five years later, her family, friends and police have given up hope of finding Elif, but Zeynep cannot let go. Her only ally in the quest is the detective Sinan, who
begins to fall in love with Zeynep. However, their search becomes harder when Sinan is expelled from the police force after attacking his boss.
With Ahmet now living with Meltem, Zeynep is alone and exploited by swindlersand fortune-tellers in her desperate search for Elif. While Sinan is desperately in love with Zeynep, she can offer him only friendship as all her feelings are devotedto her missing daughter.
The key to her disappearance lies in Meltem’s past. Shortly before the kidnapping, her former husband Zeki is released from jail and enraged to discover she is closeto Ahmet. In revenge, Zeki kidnaps Elif. He leaves her with Arzu, the sister of his old partner in crime. But before he can taunt Ahmet with what he has done, Zeki
dies in a car crash.
Arzu agrees to take Elif as she has loved Zeki for years. When she learns of hisdeath, she cherishes the girl in memory of the man she adored. Arzu decides to keep the girl hidden even upon discovering that she was kidnapped. She has acriminal record and knows she would go to jail if the police found Elif with her.
Having lost the strength to go on, Zeynep ascends a skyscraper and broadcasts live from her phone a threat to jump unless somebody reveals where Elif is. When a man named Sabri says he kidnapped Elif, Zeynep is so relieved that she letsherself believe the girl, now named Sude, is her daughter despite Sinan’s doubts.
In truth, Sabri is sick and made the claim, even faking a DNA report, just so Sude would not be orphaned when he dies. Zeynep in turn begins a new life with the young girl. But when Sinan can no longer bear her self-delusion, she agrees to anew DNA test which reveals the reality and triggers a new search for Elif.
When Elif is finally found, new rivalries emerge. Elif cannot let go of Arzu, whom she regards as her mother, while Sude struggles to accept Zeynep is not her realmother. With Zeynep now together with Sinan and accepting Meltem and Ahmet being a couple, each has a chance to atone for past mistakes.

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